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Threads in Natural Fibers


Pure Filament Silk Thread

Filament means that our silk threads are taken directly from the highest quality fibers of the silkworm cocoon. Filament silk is unique among natural fibers in that it does not have to be spun. It naturally occurs as long continuous strands. Thus, it will not fuzz out like spun silk. Its strength lies in this and also its elasticity,which allows it to expand and contract with the pull of fabric in response to body movement. Seams are smoother, stitches tend to disappear. Silk's molecular structure of tiny prisms gives it a smooth surface that mirrors the fabric color it is sewn through.
Both our three ply, Z-twist, sewing and buttonhole threads are superior for machine sewing and are a joy to stitch with by hand, as well. Because of silk's strength an elasticity, it can be used on most medium to lightweight textiles, including wool and fine glove leathers. Even today the finest men's wool suits are sewn with silk thread.

#145-50, Silk Sewing Thread, 50 weight, 110 yards, $7.00/spool

#146-1000 Silk Buttonhole Twist, approx. 22 yards,     $5.50/card

Colors in Silk Threads

White       Black          Delft 
Ivory        Green          Navy
Canary       Forest        Olive  
          Gold      Mint Green    Lavender   
Old Gold        Sage          Wine    
Vermillion       Pink           Brown  
Slate Blue      Sky Blue       Buff   


Linen Thread, white

#130-60, Linen Hand Sewing Thread, size 60/2,
    25 gram tube, approx. 400 yards, White only,         $11.00/spool
This is a good choise for medium weight fabrics

#130-100, Linen Hand Sewing Thread, size 100/2
   25 gram tube,approx. 500 yards, White only,           $11.00/spool
This size works well with finer weight fabrics, such
as hankerchief linen

Linen Thread In Colors

#130-35, Linen Hand Sewing Thread, size 35/2,
  12.5 gram tube, approx. 200 yards,                         $18.00/spool 
Size 35/2 works well with heavier fabrics and
for making buttonholes

Colors in Linen Thread

White    Black     Gray
Steel Blue    Forest     Ocher     Cream

Waxed Linen

This thread is a heavy, five cord, waxed linen thats great for leather or canvas work.

#134-5, Waxed Linen "Sinew", 25 yard coil,                $8.50/coil
    colors in Bone, or Black


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