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Crystal Goblets

A graceful compliment to your tavern/camp/dinner table are our trumpet shaped glasses, reminiscent of surviving hand blown originals. These replicas are expertly mouth blown into molds, retaining small variations in shape and surface texture that give "old glass" its beauty, and which makes these more authentic. The clear glass has an almost imperceptible sea-green tint of that produced from straight sand, without added color.

Popular in the eighteenth century, syllabub (or sillabub) is a drink made of sweetened cream and wine beat to a stiff froth, taken from glasses with very short or no stems. The inverted conical silhouette of our 5oz. Syllabub and 12 oz. Ale may be termed "firing glass" by some, although a "firing glass" refers to one sporting a heavy, very thick stem, so that it could be slammed down against a table after the contents were drained, to sound like a musket going off. A coordinated group effort would very well produce results such as that of Bunker Hill. We do not recommend this delicate glassware for such raucous activities. Rather, we would that you became more fondly acquainted with such fine drinking vessels.

#201-4 (old #204-PLN), 4oz. Wine, approx. 6" tall x 3" diameter mouth

#201-3 (old #203-PLN), 3oz. Sherry, approx. 5 1/2" tall x 2 1/2" diameter mouth

#202-12, 12oz. Ale Glass, Not avaiable

#201-3, #201-4, - ---------5oz Syllabub not avaiable

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